RJMart Jaggery Powder (Shakkar) – गुड़ पाउडर

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We are largely emphasis to let the people eat pure and farm fresh to stay healthy. Our Pure Jaggery Powder is widely recommended for its natural mouthwatering taste.

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It is made of integral cane sugar and is full of all the essential nutrients that are contained in sugar cane. Then, the juice of ladyfinger is added to the sugarcane juice and the dirty liquid reaches the surface and is taken out. The juice is boiled until it solidifies and some soda is added to it so that it becomes thicker and smells tempting. Lastly, it is crushed and pure jaggery powder is hygienically packed for your use.

Why Choose Jaggery Powder (Shakkar)?

Because –

  • We follow each and every step systematically while processing jaggery to maintain its quality and original taste. This is often lacking in other brands.
  • From processing to packing pure jaggery powder, our team widely takes care to safely counter all the hurdles of the process.
  • We mind boiling the sugarcane syrup for several hours safely to maintain its taste and quality when it is crushed in powdered form or jaggery powder.
  • By using traditional methods to first make jaggery and then process powdered sugar we manage to keep the natural impact of the jaggery powder.

Health Benefits Galore

Jaggery powder is not only best because of its sweet taste but also has numerous therapeutic properties. All these natural properties do wonders for the body when you choose to regularly add them to your diet. Let’s take a look at it.

  • Pure jaggery powder is Rich in Essential Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Usage of jaggery powder is Best to Replace Regular Sugar.
  • Helps Effectively in Weight Management.
  • Shudh jaggery powder Boosts Metabolism.
  • Provide Nourishment for Glowing and Healthy Skin.
  • Jaggery powder Regulates Bowel Movement.
  • Reduces Water Retention
  • Cures all the Stomach Problems.
  • Pure jaggery powder Cure Blood Diseases and Disorders.
  • Jaggery powder Elevate Level of Immunity.

We are largely emphasizing to let the people eat pure and farm fresh to stay healthy. Our pure jaggery powder is widely recommended for its natural mouthwatering taste. And so, we are trusted and demanded by the masses for our jaggery powder or shakkar.

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1 review for RJMart Jaggery Powder (Shakkar) – गुड़ पाउडर

  1. Kavirana rana

    Very good product but limited in stock.
    I have bought it one time and am excited to buy it again.

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