RJMart Pure Jaggery (गुड़)

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Pure Jaggery or gud is stated to be boon to the human kind since ages and it is continued to be healthier food substance till today. We cater best and pure quality of jaggery that is well packed after testing only.

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We have come up with pure jaggery or popularly known as Gudd in India. Due to its enlarged popularity and usage of the nation jaggery is always in demand. We feel pleased to quote that due to supreme quality and traditional taste our brand is getting larger popularity. Within less course of time, we are one of the leading sellers of pure jaggery in India.

Why Choose Pure Jaggery (Gud)?


  • We prefer the only traditional way to bring out the original taste and quality of pure jaggery while processing it.
  • We use the best quality of sugarcane to crush the sweetener and boil it finely to get its luring color and tempting smell.
  • Because we know that pure jaggery is a source of rich nutrition and acts as natural medicine we forbid the usage of any preservatives or chemicals.
  • Apart from all of this, we make no compromise to the time that is taken to make jaggery. Pure jaggery takes time to get converted after continues boiling, heat, and finally rest it to get cool to get its perfect taste.

Benefits of Jaggery (गुड़)

There is a long list of the root benefits of pure jaggery (Gudd). When it is included in our balanced diet instead of sugar then it serves medicinal value to your body. Let’s see how –

  • Relives from Constipation
  • Cleanse the Liver
  • Cure Anemia
  • Detoxify the Body Deeply
  • Natural Blood Purifier
  • Treats Joint Pain
  • Checks Respiratory Problems
  • Cools the Stomach
  • Enhance Intestinal Health
  • Vital Source of Energy
  • Pedals Blood Pressure
  • Weight Management
  • Prevents Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Natural Immunity Booster
  • Comforts Menstrual Pain

The only thing to be marked is to buy only pure organic products and have a thorough check of the brand before placing it in your kitchen.

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1 kg, 500 gm

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  1. Mahesh Gheloat

    Very good product.
    Thank you for delivery on time.

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